Trompe l'oeil (visual illusion) Stained Glass Paintings

The process for my canvas paintings begins with a smooth painted background. The main focus of the piece has areas that are slightly built up with the use of fabric, glass, acrylic paints and mediums which gives a complexity to the surface and allows the illusion of stained glass. The foreground of the piece has a 3D tactile quality and visual effect.

Eve, as woman, has been an ongoing theme in my artwork. In the paintings she represents the female gender in various aspects of life and death, also in stories of myth and the human condition.  In this painting Eve has come back from death through the earth as a part of nature. Her body can be seen as the tree and her glowing

golden leaves symbolize that she is Forever... Eve.


Dogwood Woman is my interpretation of a Cherokee legend about a race of little people which speaks of a specific group of Spirits in nature. These people live in rock caves and mountainsides. They are beautiful with hair almost touching the ground and teach us lessons of living in harmony with nature. The Dogwood people are particularly helpful and good to us. So, I have painted Dogwood Woman as a nature spirit and incorporated real, fresh picked Dogwood blooms into her hair.