I live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in northwest Georgia. My surroundings of woodlands and rolling hills provide the creative influence and ample environment for discovering the natural elements which are designed into my art. My bloodline carries that of my father's Native American Cherokee ancestry to the blue-eyed Dutch of my mother. Viewers of my work have suggested a "tribal" look is present in certain pieces. My heritage combined with the conceptual theory and contemporary design principles of American Art training, plus mentorship and critique with classically taught artist from Italian and other European schools of thought, have guided me to this path of observational Realism inclusive with my own aesthetic insight. I also stray into fanciful narrative, on occasion, and create artwork with various mediums which may incorporate trompe l'oeil stain glass or collage elements from nature.


Oil Paintings

I have always been a scavenger, of sorts, even as a child bringing home treasures of the fields and woods. I often paint these collected objects through multiple passes of oils which come together to give deep perspective and intricate detail whether of monochromatic or rich values into a painting of complex surface and hue.

My series of paintings titled: To The Bone Portraits depict various animal or bird skulls and other found or borrowed objects from nature collected in their natural state and presented in a new context. I see the skulls as exquisite sculptural forms that transcends the hand of man and each one with its own unique composition of natures plan and my surrounding environment.


Mixed Media Paintings - Sculptural Paintings

The sun light transforming an ancient piece into a glowing manifestation or a modern piece being illuminated by indoor lighting has influenced my paintings. After experimentation and combining various mediums, such as: acrylics, glass and fabric paints, pastels and pencils, I have explored, a world of myth, childhood teachings and folklore. My trompe l'oeil (visual illusion) stained glass painting dynamics include a subtle depth with a 3D raised line over a smooth and richly painted background which echoes traditional stained glass, but with a contemporary configuration. Occasionally, I will incorporate creatures and other forms of nature by repurposing them into my artwork. A naturally shed snakeskin, a butterfly, dragonfly, flowers, plants and other found objects are used in specific pieces. None of which are harmed, but found after their life cycle has ended. I leave the onlooker to interpret their own particular meaning to my artwork, but with a spark of visual creativity to muse over. 


Lisa Q. Caldwell Studio  





Professional Background:


Lisa Q. Caldwell Fine Arts: Design and painting fine art of framed and stretched canvas in various mediums such as: oil, acrylic, glass and fabric paint, pastel and pencil on paper. 


Caldwell Fine Art Custom Design Studio: Private individual instruction for drawing and painting, Contracted murals and paintings for business and private collectors, Faux walls and décor, Fabric MX Dyes, and Floor cloths.  


Brenau College: Taught Extension Courses in Art History/Appreciation, Gainesville  GA 




  • Mia Bergeron - Portrait/Still Life Oil Painting, Facilitates Critique, Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga TN  

  • Alyssa Monks - Photo Reference, Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga TN

  • Suchitra Bhosle - The Well Constructed Portrait, Protege Atelier, Alabama Center for the Arts, Decatur AL 

  • Cindy Procious - Old World Dutch, Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga TN

  • Cynthia Litchfield - MX Fabric Dyes, Campbell Folk School  

  • Berry College - Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts/Education 


Recent Publications: Press, Print & Blog


  • Booth Museum, Downtown Gallery, Spring/Summer 2019 Exhibit, Online Catalog

  • Floyd Medical Center, June/July 2019 Exhibit, Online Catalog

  • Northwest Georgia News, Solo Exhibit, Harris Arts Center

  • Reflections - Catalog, Juried Exhibit, Fourth Virginia Avery Memorial, The National League of American Pen Women, Atlanta Chapter - Quinlan Visual Art's Center  

  • Women's World Magazine, Murals

  • Daily Citizen News, Exhibit - Creative Arts Guild

  • CFR Volume 98 - LGM and Associates - Page 4, Free Art Friday, Trinidad

  • CFR Volume 71 - LGM and Associates - (International)  Page 6, About the Artist

  • CFR Volume 72 - LGM and Associates - (International) Page 6, About the Artist


Upcoming Exhibits & Current Exhibits:

2020 - March 6 - March 31 - Artwork of Amazing Women, Chattanooga Workspace Gallery, Juried Exhibit - TN

2019 - May 14 - August 25 - 7th Annual, Juried BAG Exhibit, Booth Western Art Museum - Cartersville GA

2019 - June 12 - July 31 - Solo Exhibit, Floyd Medical Center Art Gallery - Rome GA

Previous Exhibits

2019 - May 8 - September 11 - The Downtown Gallery, Juried Exhibit - Cartersville GA

2018 - November 9 - December 7 - Solo Exhibit, Farrell's Frame and Design, Rome GA

2018 - May 15 - August 19, - 6th Annual, Juried BAG Exhibit, Booth Western Art Museum - Cartersville GA

2018 - Janruary 18 - May 3, Booth Museum Downtown Gallery, Guild Exhibit - Cartersville GA

2017 - September 18 - January 12, 2018- Booth Museum Downtown Gallery, Guild Exhibit - Cartersville GA

2017 - November 3 - December 2 - Elevate, Townsend Atelier - Mia Bergeron Special Invitation - Chattanooga TN

2017 - July 8 - September 10 - METRO MONTAGE XVII, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art - ​Annual Juried Exhibition - Marietta, GA 

2017 - August 11 - 60th Anniversary Celebration,  Art Auction, Cross Plains Community Partner, Dalton, GA

2017 - April 23 - May 7 - Cumming First United Methodist Church - Juried Exhibit - Cumming, GA

2016 - December - Circle: The Coaster Show, Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga TN

2016 - September 13 - October 24 - Solo Exhibit, Harris Art Center, Calhoun, GA

2015 - October 22 - December 5 - 68th Annual Members Quinlan Visual Arts CenterJuried Exhibit, Gainsville, GA

2015 - October 22 - The National MS Society Harvest for A CureAtlanta Chapter

2015 - August 20 - October 15 - Reflections, Juried Exhibit, Fourth Virginia Avery Memorial, The National League of American Pen Women, Atlanta ChapterQuinlan Visual Art's Center,Gainesville GA

2015 - September 28 - October 15 - Alumni Invitational Art Exhibit, Berry College, Rome GA

2015 - Creative Arts Guild Festival, Indoor Exhibit, Dalton GA

2015 - Sin Twisters Art, Two Artist Exhibit, Creative Arts Guild, Dalton GA​​​

2015 - Booth Area artist Guild, Juried Exhibit, Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville GA

2015 - Trilogy 3/Soul, Juried Exhibit, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Red Door Gallery, Marietta GA

2015 - Trilogy 2/Mind, Juried Exhibit, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Red Door Gallery, Marietta GA

2015 - Trilogy 1/Body, Juried Exhibit, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art,  Red Door Gallery, Marietta GA

2015 - Sea Life, Juried Exhibit, Rockmart Cultural Arts Center, Rockmart GA

2014 - 2015 - Artist Choice, Booth Museum Downtown Gallery, Juried Exhibit, Cartersville GA

2014 - Booth Area Artist Guild,  Booth Western Art Museum, Juried Exhibit,Cartersville GA

2014 - BAG Juried Exhibit, Harris Art Center, Calhoun GA

2014 - Heritage, Juried Show, Rockmart Cultural Arts Center, Rockmart GA


2014 - Open Theme, Booth Museum Downtown Gallery, Juried Exhibit, Cartersville GA


2013 - Legends & Lore Juried Show, Rockmart Cultural Arts Center, Rockmart GA


2013 - Whimsy, The Bascom, Highland NC


2013 - Still Life Juried Show, Booth Museum Downtown Gallery, Cartersville GA


2013 - All Members Show, Allied Visual Artist, Chattanooga TN


2012 - Couples, The Bascom, Highland NC


2012 - Sin Twisters - 2 person Exhibit Moon Fine Art Gallery, Berry College, Rome GA


2012 - Scarecrow in The Gardens, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta GA


Benefit Auction, Discovery Museum, Chattanooga Museum, Chattanooga TN


Trevitt Hall Murals, Designs ltd., Dalton GA


Art and Nature an Evening Under the Stars, Chattanooga Nature Center, Chattanooga TN


Rodger's Estate Show House, Dalton GA


Benefit Auction, Chattanooga Nature Center, Chattanooga TN


Habitat for Humanity Benefit Auction, Colonnade, Ft. Oglethorpe GA


Art walk, Chattanooga Nature Center, Chattanooga TN


Benefit Auction, Discovery Museum, Chattanooga TN


All Members Show, Allied Visual Artist, Chattanooga TN

Recent Work, Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga TN


Owned an Art Gallery, Trevitt Hall, Dalton GA


Painted Mural Southside Galleries, Chattanooga TN


Vaughn Estate Show Case, Big Brother Big Sister Benefit, Dalton GA


Walker Estate Show Case, Habitat for Humanity, Dalton GA


Earth Finds, Designers Workshop, Chattanooga TN


Art Work- Weird- Women, Studio Five, Atlanta GA


Self Images, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Chattanooga TN


Howard Finster Commemorative Art Festival, Summerville GA


Recent Work, Frames Gallery, Summerville GA


Area Artist Show, Second Place Winner, Creative Arts Guild, Dalton GA


Alumni Show Juried by Art Critic & Curator Peter Frank, Berry College, Rome GA


Area Artist Show, Creative Arts Guild, Dalton GA


Solo Exhibit, Berry College, Rome GA


Selected Collections:


  • Estate of Johnny and Kathi Waters


  • Estate of Katsuji Takeda, Osaka Japan


  • Estate of Rosewood Stable


  • Estate of Jim and Karen Chastain


  • Trevitt Hall Wedding and Events


  • Estate of Jacquelyn Poe


  • Estate of Devona Poe


  • Estate of Sean and Jana Pye


  • Administrative Services of Dalton


  • Robert and Angelica Oswalt


  • Designs Ltd Inc. by Linda Tucker


  • Estate of Linda Tucker


  • El Rey Mexican Restaurant


  • Estate of Ruth Chris 


  • The Whole 9 Yards Interior Design by Marjorie Mitchell


  • Designs by Leanna Patton


  • Sharon Majetich Center Stage, Home Staging Services


  • Estate of Ron and Susan Ralston


  • Estate of Faye White, Hilton Head SC

  • Estate of Steve and Barbie Potts


  • Estate of Kirby and Sherry Patterson


  • Kellie Smith Design Studio


  • Estate of Dr. Richard and Teresa Compton


  • Tim and Andrea Jones


  • Grove Level Church


  • Wonderland Children's Home Design


  • Estate of Gary and Angela Asbury


  • White Rabbit


  • Estate of Richard and Melanie Montanaro


  • Estate of Phillip and Joyce Cantrell


  • Paul and Melanie Walker



Private Collections:

Daytona Beach FL, Raleigh NC, Chester NJ, Chicago IL, Knoxville TN, Burton OH, Decatur GA, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Rome GA, Blue Ridge GA, Gainesville GA, Chattanooga TN, Galveston TX, Santa Clara CA, Savannah GA,